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If you are active in the internet marketing field then you know that content is king. What exactly does
this mean? Well, content is the most important aspect of a website or drawing in traffic to a website. Of
course this is true. Below we will explain why it is important to have well written, properly researched
content and how this can bring in traffic and or business to your website.
Poorly written or incomplete content does not do well and will turn people away from your website.
Same goes for duplicate content. Search engines do not want to show the same result on multiple
website. For example, if you are searching for tutorial on how to change your 2002 Ford Focus breaks
you do not want the same tutorial showing up on the first page of the search results. You want to find
ten unique pieces of content offering different ways to change your vehicle’s breaks. This means
duplicate content is a big no-no. You always want original content. If you rehash an article in your own
words it must be 100% unique (copyscape is a free plagiarism tool) otherwise it has no chance or
So why do you want to have unique, well written content for your website, which is content marketing, or third party sites? Simple,
the better the content the better the chance it has of getting shared socially, ranking at the top of
Google, and becoming an evergreen piece of content. Jumping into an article, video, press release,
infographic, etc. is not the best strategy. Take your time and plan out the piece of content you plan on
producing to have an outline and overall goal. Identify your target audience and make the content for
them. Find a want / need and show how your knowledge can help alleviate this pain in their life.
When properly done the content piece will have taken five or more hours to create, but the time and
effort will drastically pay off. Rather than writing a generic article you are offering a piece of content
that surpasses everything currently out on the web. This entices other third party sites to re-share your
content as well as the social factor, where it can potentially go viral.
Once a content piece becomes viral and gets shared around a lot people will begin to recognize it and
the person / company that authored the piece will get recognition. This means if a content piece gets
shared by a few influences in your industry the entire industry may know about you and your knowledge
of that specific piece of content. SEO and a well planned content marketing strategy go hand-in-hand and nothing is going to
change that, well at least not for the next few years.

How to write good SEO content: Focus and reach keywords – Los Angeles online marketing

As the relatively age-old saying goes, “Content is King”.  Well-written, keyword targeted website content will drive engagement, repeat visits, and contribute to conversions, both micro and macro.  It takes first a skilled writer, and second someone knowledgeable in SEO – but this part can be taught.  Unfortunately, the first part cannot.  If you are a gifted writer who enjoys word puzzles and seeing results, you have a good chance at being a great SEO content writer.
The Title and URLThe first thing you will make is your title, which will ultimately become your URL, unless you opt to change it.  Personally, I recommend keeping the title and URL as similar as possible, which allows you to zone in on one or two focus keywords.  It’s infinitely better to be ranked at the top of Google for one or two keywords than ranked somewhere near the top for 5-6.  Use as many of the 70 available characters you can while still being coherent and on-topic.  Writing for SEO is not writing for a newspaper.  Yes, you want to catch the reader’s attention, but you want to do it using as many keywords as possible.
You want to use your entire focus keyword phrase. Try and keep the words in your keyword phrase in the same order, but that’s not as important as using all of them. You can mix it up if you need to, but keep in mind that will detract from its overall value as a keyword phrase.  Once you have created a title, it’s time to make the URL.  Your URL will be very similar if not that same as your title.  Feel free to tweak it a little bit to hit another focus keyword, or leave it the same for more effective targeting.
BodyNow comes the meat.  Here we will be focusing on keyword density, keyword relevancy, and anchor text.  Keyword density refers to the amount of times a keyword is used throughout the ENTIRE page, this includes images, links, title, and the URL.  Use your focus keywords liberally throughout the body while mixing in some reach keywords when you can. Reach keywords are different from your focus keywords in that they will be used less throughout the article, but are generally less competitive. SEO is an extensive, time-consuming process, don’t try and catch all the keywords at once.
The goal is to use your focus and reach keywords as much as possible while writing relevant, competent, high-quality content. This is where your innate skill as a writer and puzzle-solver will come in. Not just anyone can rearrange words on a page to find the perfect permutation, that’s up to you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a Website Begins With Its Designing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a service with which, the visibility of a website is enhanced. This is done by pushing it to better ranking on a SERP for the relevant keywords. However, one big factor, on which SEO is dependent, is the design of the website. Many a times SEO Agencies have tackled websites which are not designed according to the recommendations. What ensues is a troublesome process of tweaking the design before the website can be optimized.
The best thing to do is to consider the requirements of SEO at the time of designing the website itself. The importance, of the developer and the SEO working in tandem, is as high as the importance of harmony between the work of the graphic designer and the copywriter. Unfortunately, there are still many website developers who do not understand the need to consult the SEO while designing the website. This leads to additional and unnecessary rework on the commencement of optimization. The whole scenario of unnecessary work can be prevented by taking care of the points mentioned below.
User Friendly Header
A user-friendly header is the first factor, which will make the user stay on the page. Suppose a user makes a search with the keyword “Cheap Shoes”. The SEO will ideally land him on the website product page of shoes. Here, if the header is not clear enough, there is a probability that he will shift to the next search result. Of course, the above case is only a simple example. Some of the landing pages, especially those of services, can be tricky. It should be ensured that the header is composed keeping the user and his intentions of visiting the page in mind. The efficiency of the header, in projecting the page as the complete solution to his query, is directly proportional to the amount of time the user will spend on the page.
Clearly defined Services on the Home Page
Most of the times, the home page of a website serves as the landing page of the links that appear in the search results. Thus, it is the most important page from the point of view of SEO. A user visits a business website in search of a product or service. Thus, they should be very clearly stated in the home page. Planning for the user to make one extra click to the products page is expecting one step too many. Most of the times, it is only when the user finds a clear mention of the sought product or service, when the user visits the product page for more details. Thus, the Website Design should have ample scope for a clear mention of the products and services which are being offered.
Responsive Site
A responsive site eliminates the need of optimizing and promoting the mobile version of the site separately. The user just types in the same URL and the appropriate site version is automatically loaded depending on the type of device used. This saves a lot of inconvenience for both the SEO Team and the user.
Links to Social Pages in the Home Page
Social Media Optimization (SMO) has become such an important factor for SEO that both are mentioned in the same breath. It is very helpful from the SEO point of view that the links to the major social media pages of the business in Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, etc. are also included in the home page itself. Links to the blogs and press releases of the business are also advised.
While SEO brings in the users to the website, optimized designing makes the user stay. The former is of no use (in fact detrimental in some cases) without the latter. The above are the major factors which SEO Agencies should be looking at in order to harness the full benefits of an online presence.

The Disadvantages Of Black Hat Techniques In SEO

There are many techniques used by different SEO agencies for SEO of a website. Some agencies use proper ways of search engine optimization which are also safe and some use forbidden ways which are known as black hat techniques. Black hat techniques are not only forbidden but also very risky. They use such rules that are against the rules of search engines and those techniques are when adopted, they end in increasing the ranking of a website at first, but as soon as Google recognizes those unethical techniques, that website is immediately punished.
Usually these techniques show the success immediately but its short-term. There are certain drawbacks such as Google may ban that website or the ranking of the website may get dropped more than before. It usually happens when the search query does not match with the website. There may be various reasons for it. Some of the black hat techniques are given as follow
Black Hat Techniques
1. Keyword over Stuffing
Keyword over stuffing means that the webpage is filled with maximum number of keywords or it contains phone numbers without considerable other value. The overuse of keywords is included in black hat SEO techniques because basically the keywords are not relevant to the website. The keyword stuffing can badly harm the website as it results in a negative user experience.
2. Cloaking
It is a procession which contents shown to crawlers in a manner different than it is shown to the users. For example when you use the titles, keywords or the details that are different from the real content, it is called the cloaking. The search engines ban the website if it catches the cloaking technique.
3. Link Farms
These refer to the websites using hyperlinks together to link with each other. The main purpose of linking is to increase the rank of the website. Basically this technique does not contribute in increasing the traffic to the website. It is a black hat technique which shows the search engines that the website has many links. Google majorly ranks the website according to the number and quality of links a website has.
4. Link Buying and Link Exchanging
It is a process of link building through buying links from another site. The links are also exchanged by a link exchanging technique but Google does not allow over link exchanging.
5. Article Spinning
Article spinning is a bad idea in which an existing content is re-written in another unique way. The content is not duplicated or copied but it is rewritten in some way. It is a black hat technique which results in the decrease in the quality of the content. It is against the rule of Google and the websites are penalized for it.
6. Doorway Pages
Those webpages that are designed for spamming of a search engine are called the doorway pages. This technique targets the visitors through the pages having no value. They are basically used for deceiving the search engines for achieving the higher website ranking. This technique is only fruitful in the short run and your website will suffer in the long run.
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Advantages Of Using SEO Services

The internet is a good platform for companies to advertise their products and services. In order for people to buy your products or use your services, they have to know about your brand first. Through search engine optimization companies all over the world are able to effectively expose their brand to people from all walks of life, which results in increased profits. If you haven’t already incorporated search engine optimization as a marketing strategy, it is high time you looked for a reputable company that offers SEO services. There are many benefits associated with search engine optimization. Some of them are discussed below.
Increased Traffic
SEO is a good way of increasing traffic to your website. Through the use of various SEO tools, you can ensure that your website ranks high in search engines. If you want to increase traffic, you should make it easy for people to find your website. If the website is on the first or second page of search engines, it means that chances are high that someone looking for information regarding your products and services will come across your website.
Increased Brand Credibility
It cannot be argued that Google is a trusted brand name. So when users Google something about your goods or services, if your page ranks high in Google search engines, people will see you as a trusted and reputable company. If your website does not rank high on Google, to most people it is indicative of the fact that there are other companies that have more to offer than you. So, if you want a brand that has high credibility online, try search engine optimization.
Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors
Whatever business you are in, know that you are not the only company doing what you do. In fact, the companies that are in the same business might be more than you think. Also, note that most businesses are using SEO as a marketing strategy and it is working for them. So, if you want to stay ahead of the game in as far as online marketing is concerned, you will definitely require SEO services.
See Your Business Grow With Every Click
Effective SEO methods can actually help you to take your company to the next level. These methods can bring lots of visitors to your site on a daily basis. Over time, you might even require a bigger web server to cater to the traffic that you will be receiving. So at the end of the day, there is no losing with sound search engine optimization strategies.
Better Access to Data
Another benefit of search engine optimization is that you can receive client or customer data. Through keyword data analyses and looking at what most users are searching for online, you can even find new products to offer. Businesses that are already using this tool know the importance of customer data; your competitors are also taking advantage of it. It is therefore crucial to keep up with your competitors, or to even stay ahead.
If you have a business in Phoenix, ZA, you should check out the website listed below:
Phoenix Seo Services
So, SEO services are a must-have if you want your business to have a presence online and if you want to see your business grow. A lot of people rely on the internet for a lot of things including shopping, it only makes sense to try and reach as many users as possible.

Search Engine Optimization :: SEO Articles For Artists: Increase Exposure and Sales

SEO articles increase the odds that consumers will find your website.  Strategically placed key words in the article draw in readers interested in what you have to offer and direct links guide them to your website.  Through good content, proper use of optimization language and set-up with a planned distribution timeline, your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rating will improve using SEO articles.

In tandem with blogging, press releases and website content, SEO Articles can greatly improve your website traffic.  All of these strategies are linked to one another and your website by the key words you choose relevant to your artistic style.  Your long tail key words and content must back up the key words so that latent semantic analysis (LSA) can increase your site’s SERP rating.  One article with two links to your website can be distributed to hundreds of distribution sites allowing consumers over a thousand new ways to connect to you and convert to a customer.

In a search for a specific artist best known for murals, sculptures and portraits, I was unable to find his website with those key words.  Long tail key words (short phrases) will help to narrow down the search.  “Vermont abstract artist known for sculptures murals and portraits” brings the artist to the first page.

Now we need a subject for his SEO article.  He will write about choosing the right art for your space.  His primary key word must find its way into the title.  His will be: Mural, Sculpture or Painting: a Vermont Abstract Artist Helps Choose the Right Art for Your Space.  The key word “Mural, sculpture or painting” will repeat at predetermined points throughout the article.  The soft sell should be present in approximately every other paragraph of the article body and can simply be bolded words that link back to the artist’s website.  Strive for a logical flow to a concise summary in the conclusion that insists the reader take action.

Key words can be used too frequently resulting in penalties by search engines such as Google.  Keeping key word use to no more than once every 100 words and placing them strategically will increase your visibility and comply with sound business strategies that will keep your credibility with search engines.  Click here to learn more about SEO article formatting.

Remember that the purpose of the article is two-fold.  First, you are creating content that will draw readers to your article.  Second, you are directing them to your website, ultimately converting them to a customer.  If content creation, editing for SEO, link development, distribution and tracking all sound like too much to start, you will need to find a specialist to assist you.  An ethical and experienced, full-service SEO company who is dedicated to your needs will be able to create a customized, strategic and cohesive marketing plan utilizing SEO article techniques discussed here.

Please use the links below to learn more about SEO article services and strategies and how they relate to artists and artisans and their businesses.

Tips To Successful Forum Posting For SEO

What is a Forum Posting?
The Forum is a great way to interact with other members on your Network. An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. They differ from chat rooms in that messages are at least temporarily archived. Also, depending on the access level of a user and or the forum set-up, a posted message might need to approve by a moderator before it becomes visible. Depending on the forum set-up, users can anonymous or have to register with the forum and then log to post messages. Usually you do not have to log in to read existing messages.
Categories of Forums:
1.    SEO Forum Posting
2.    Forum Sites for SEO.
3.    Free forum posting tips
4.    Forum auto post
5.    Writing posting
SEO Forum Posting
By posting some good short articles in the forums or by guiding your website to the users helps in driving the traffic. In SEO Forums posting in next to Social Networking Websites. Social networking brings more traffic considering to others and the next follows the Forum Postings.
You can post on new topic or reply to asked question. Try to post good reply to the asked questions and Post Good content in the new topic. Many forums are strictly moderated by the owners to avoid spam. First register with the forums and post some of the good new topic and good replies in the forums without adding any of the back links to your website.
Sites for SEO
Forum posting sites page rank 2http:// page rank 7
Free forum posting tips
Free forum poster and posting tips: One way is forum posting and using a forum poster. You can build relevant links back to your site pretty fast if you keep involved in a few popular forums have related to your niche. This is also a good way to build up sort of following and be looked upon as an expert in your field.
Start by finding a forum that you believe has some good traffic and discussions have related to your niche. The more related to your niche the better. Remember our goal is to get that natural search result for a keyword term. Go ahead and sign up. Make sure you go through and get all the settings set in your profile.
Forum auto post
Auto-poster is a “black hat SEO” technique which search engines are starting to crack down. It is a careless way to generate back links and sacrifices quality for measure; forum moderators immediately recognize these automated posts and remove them like a wart.
Writing posting
The term “High Quality” is very subjective when applied to forum posts. Many forum administrators would however agree that there are some requirements that a forum post must meet before it can considered a high quality post.
The top 5 quality forum post:
1.    A forum post grammatically corrects, 2.spell checked, 3. Relevant to the niche subject, 4.well-written and 5.very interesting post.

The Final Goal of SEO and SEM

The final goal of SEM and SEO is to increase the traffic to your site but the simple difference between these two terms are Search engine marketing is getting traffic to your site by paying for it, whereas search engine optimization is increasing the organic traffic.
Search engine optimization is a larger area to concentrate on. Few elements one should concentrate to come under the search engine radar are Domain names, Page content, Link structure, accessibility, Meta tags, Page structure and more. Choose domain names smartly, try to use one of your key words to your domain rather than something which is unrelated to your site. Mostly people go wrong by naming there site after their own name or something which means to them and not to the visitor or the search engine. Having relevant content with right key words will help you greatly in increasing your page rank. Try to use your focused key words in your web content however, do not over use. Over using key words more often might look like you are stuffing the keywords just to impress the search engines which also easily recognized by the search engines. Apart from the relevant content and keywords make sure the Page structure and usability of your site is simple and not confusing for the visitors. Few off site elements which search engines try to match are Meta tags and anchor text. Meta tags should have relevant keywords for crawlers to analyze.
Often Link Building Services offered by SEO Companies utilise anchor texts are words in your content which are hyper links. Search engines also count the other relevant content you’re connected with. SEO is definitely an effort to rank yourself high however if you can afford Pay-per-click options then they are much easier to get traffic. Few advantages of SEM over traditional marketing channels are you can get immediate attention from the targeted market. All you need to do is sign up for PPC with focused keywords and get the right traffic to your site. Thus you will not have to go through the whole process of making changes on your site and off site.

Google Optimization: 5 Myths Busted

There exists no difference of opinion among webmasters on one thing; SEO is the lifeblood of a website. In fact, this is the most effective strategy prevalent at present to improve the online visibility of a business. But, as the concept becomes more familiar, misconceptions too start spreading like epidemics. Here is an overview of some of them along with the actual truths.  A few myths in SEO ‘ Google Optimization  Here is an overview of some of the common myths spreading around online.  1. Search engine optimization is quite simple  It is true that there are some basic things you can do to optimize your website for Google. But, do not live under the wrong impression that SEO is a sequence of a few simple strategies. Actually, it is the most complicated process you are required to apply to survive in today’s market. The moment you acquaint yourself with a new strategy and apply it, Google would come up with something new. You are asked to go after it.  2. Guest posts lower your website ranking  The statement may be like a conviction to many. Google itself published a blog describing how people misuse this for SEO purposes. The blog even goes to the extent of saying that one should stop depending on them. This is true only to a certain extent. Guest posts are great to build a reputation. But, if you want to use them to increase your online visibility, you may get disappointed even with your best efforts. This may increase traffic to your website. But, that is only an indirect result.  3. Link building for SEO is dead  This is the latest rumor spreading around. When combined with the news that one Russian search engine does not use links to determine ranking, the trend grew in strength. Understand that link building will remain integral to SEO until a reliable alternative is discovered. It is not found out even now. Do not abandon your link building efforts. Just get them from renowned websites in your niche.  4. Desktop will give way to mobile  The number of mobile users is on the rise. But, this does not mean that you can abandon the desktop version of your website. Even in developmental stages, people are misusing mobile applications for websites and turn to spamming to mislead unsuspecting buyers. Educated online shoppers are sure to bid farewell to mobile applications in the near future. You can never ignore mobile-optimization. But, focusing too much on the same is paramount to leaving smart consumers to your competition.  5. Social media cannot help much  This too is one among the latest misconceptions spreading around. Ignoring social media is the costliest mistake you can make in the market. Valuable content get shared or retweated several times on the platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This is the best way to get links from reliable resources.  What is given above is a small outline. Be a smart SEO professional and stay safe from misconceptions being circulated online in SEO ‘ Google optimization.  Get advices from reputable SEO Company ‘ OrganikSoft and improve your ranking and keyword positions at main search engines.

SEO Guide – How Your E-Commerce Websites can Top Search Engine Ranks

Competition is quite fierce online, and it is imperative to get the highest rank possible for your website in search engine results. Even being on the first page is sometimes not enough when the niche is crowded, and you have to get to the top of the list to beat the competition. Top ranking means more visitors, which can convert into larger sales. Whether you have just started your business with a new e-commerce website or you want to improve the efficiency of your existing website, this SEO guide will ensure you are using the most advanced strategies for improving your ranking.
Why is Research Important?
The strength of your SEO strategy is tied with targeting the right keywords and knowing what your competitors are doing. To do this you need to do proper research into both these aspects.
How to Do Keyword Research
Your e-commerce website is going to consist of various pages, and the important ones are home page, blog, and product page. You need to focus on these three important areas when you are conducting keyword research, as you want to optimize these pages. When conducting keyword research the most important aspect will be relevancy, but you will also have to consider ranking difficulty and search volume of the keywords.
How to Research Keywords for Home and Product Pages
Starting with relevancy, you need to make sure the keywords are extremely relevant to the product or brand names you want to target. Taking the help of certain keyword tools will make your job much easier. The AdWords Keyword tool by Google is highly effective in finding the search volume for a particular keyword. It is better to focus on “Local Monthly Searches” column rather than the Global searches.
With the Google keyword tool, you will try to figure out keywords with almost exact matches to your product or brand, along with high search volume. However, you need to avoid keywords that are very competitive or are too broad. Look at the column marked “Competition”, and if it says High, it means many people are targeting that keyword, and it is going to take you longer time to climb up the ranking ladder. Secondly, if you choose a broad term, then visitors might be frustrated with not finding the thing they want, which will increase the bounce rate, and lower your conversions. For instance, if you were selling “brown leather boots”, you would want to avoid broad terms like “shoes”, “leather shoes”, or “boots”.
How to Research Keywords for Blog Posts
Developing effective blog posts gives you the opportunity to use additional keywords that cannot be fitted into the main website pages. If you select your topics wisely, your blog posts can greatly improve your ranking. Secondly, you also have a chance of using long-tail keywords. Such keywords consist of many words, and are more precise. An example of long-tail keyword would be “Macy’s lace up brown leather boots for women”. These keywords give you the opportunity to target specific products precisely, along with their model numbers, and so on.
If you use Moz Keyword Tool, you will find how long tail keywords consists major percentage of searches. People want to get to the page that has their precise product as soon as possible, and they include all the parameters into the search phrase in order to obtain results that are more precise. Hence, here too, you need to choose long tail keywords that have lower difficulty score, and a high match local search volume. After you have found these, you should go for highly relevant keywords with lower volume.
What You Should Avoid
After you have found the right keywords you would like to target, you should make sure that you do not stuff them in your content, whether it is a blog, home, or product page. Secondly, when you are developing content, keep in mind that you are addressing a human audience, and not simply writing for search engine spiders. You need to select interesting topics and the content should provide some value or solution to the reader. Now, Google also has made many changes to its algorithms, to find sites with good content, and penalize those that are poorly written or is overstuffed with keywords.
Another thing you should avoid is cannibalizing keywords. Keyword cannibalization means you are trying to rank multiple pages of your e-commerce website with the same keyword. Such a thing can be quite confusing for search engines, and they will only choose one of the pages that they feel is important for that keyword. This means only one page will appear in the search result, weakening your strategy for obtaining more traffic for the particular keyword. Hence, to avoid cannibalization of keywords, you should not be writing any blog posts that would target any of the keywords you have used for the other main pages of your ecommerce website. A good way to keep track would be to make a spreadsheet listing each of the pages and their keyword you want to rank. In the keywords column, no keywords should appear twice.
How to Research your Competition
Doing keyword research for your ecommerce website is only half of the job. You also need to do research about your competitors, who are enjoying portions of your niche. It is very hard to find a niche that has little competition, and almost all online entrepreneurs have to be vigilant about their competition and develop strategies to topple their domination.
Find Out About the SEO Strategy Your Competition is using
For studying the SEO strategy of your competitors, you need to find out the keywords they are trying to rank, the ranking strength of their domains, and the ranking strength of their web pages. Moz is an excellent Keyword tool to find this information easily. You need to install the free Moz toolbar in your browser, and you will get all the information you need when you are browsing the websites of your competition.
Moz toolbar provides critical analysis and information under three tabs; Page Elements, Page Attributes, and Link Data. Under Page Elements, you will find information about the header tags and Meta data of the webpage.
Under Link Data tab, you will find information about ranking, links, Domain Authority, and the Page Authority. If you find your competitor’s ecommerce website having much higher Page Authority or Domain Authority, you might want to rethink your SEO strategy and focus on slightly different keywords, as competing directly with exact same keywords will not only be difficult but also take a lot of time. Your strategy would be to look for keywords with lesser competition.
Inbound Links
Inbound links play an important part in SEO and rankings. Google while ranking a page considers the number and quality of inbound links. To know the inbound links of your competitor’s ecommerce website you could use the Open Site Explorer tool, which will list all the links along with the Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) of these websites.
Your objective would be to get these same inbound links, especially those that are coming from websites with high PA and DA. You could also try getting inbound links from your own company website, or through press outreach, blogger outreach and so on. However, make sure you do not try getting links from websites with poor DA scores. Getting such links will in fact hurt your rankings, as Google has a strong policy against link trafficking and purchasing links. If a bad website is linking to yours, Google presumes your website is also bad. Hence, you need to be careful from where you get your inbound links.
Even without any tools, you can make out low quality websites. Such website will have poorly written content, stuffed with keywords, and there will be many ads. Also, stay away from content farms, which are websites that accept posts from anybody. A content farm is a low quality link, and particularly disliked by Google.
To earn good inbound links, you need to focus on providing something useful to high authority websites, in exchange for the link. Some of the things you could do are design an excellent infographic, co-author some research study, provide a quote for story, or write an excellent guest post.