How To Choose An SEO Company

There are a lot of companies out there who claim to do search engine optimization.  They may have a website that talks about the specifics of what they will do for you under the program that fits your budget, and will use a lot of terminology that seems very complex.  They will tell you that they have inside knowledge or connections that other seo companies do not have.  The fact of the matter is that most of these companies are lying to you.
One thing that many businesses who are in the process of developing their marketing programs to include search engine representation do not realize is that there are no legitimate degrees or certifications in search engine optimization, nor are there any regulatory bodies who license companies to preform search engine optimization processes for businesses.  In addition to this, there is almost no way to prove that the process utilized by the firm you have picked is actually valuable, and doing anything to assist your rankings.  SEO companies like SEO marketing company in Vancouver, make no concrete promises that they can be held accountable for, and those that do give you a guarantee of any kind will usually have a stipulation that rankings gained are only temporary in some way, or are driven through pay per click or another medium.  Essentially, there are many ways to remove accountability within the contracts that are signed.
Most companies who claim to do SEO are actually not SEO companies at all, but instead are traditional advertising agencies that have ventured into the “web design” business and add it to their list of services without really understanding what is involved.  They will equate “one-time” measures like metadata inclusion as SEO, and charge a fee for it.  These types of services have a small value, but they are not going to get you to outrank a well developed competitor.
So the real question is “how to choose an SEO company” for your business.  Here are a few tips that will assist you in making a good decision and avoiding costly and time consuming mistakes (as well as potentially avoiding the companies that utilize techniques that can actually harm you more than help.)
1. Ask to talk to their current clients, and ask to see current results that they have provided to SEO clients.  If they cannot produce current results, or refuse to let you speak directly to their current clients, then they are probably hiding the fact that they do not provide the results they claim.
2. Ask if they guarantee rankings, and if they do then choose a different company.  No company has knowledge that is not public about the Google algorithm, and no company has a relationship with Google that will influence organic rankings in any way.
3. Ask their prices. If they are very inexpensive, then choose someone else.  SEO is really a process of continual work developing content for your website, analyzing technical information about your entire web presence, and developing inbound links to the website.  This takes ongoing time every month, and if they are willing to work for what seems like a very low fee, then they are either not going to put in the time necessary to produce results or they are probably not very good at their craft.  If a doctor told you he works for minimum wage, you would probably be suspect as to why.  Think of this in the same terms.
4.  Ask if they do the work, or if it is outsourced to another country.  Content developed by people who do not speak English as their first language is suspect to Google as a ranking scheme, and is devalued in the general scheme of things.  Google is very good at recognizing proper English, and if your content and links are less than proper, you are probably not getting any value for them.  You might get reports of a lot of work being done, but probably won’t see much as far as rankings improvements over time.  Go with an American firm.
5.  Ask what their process of SEO is.  Search engine optimization involves creating completely unique content for a website in a regular way, without programs or ways of doing it faster.  Content cannot be copied from other websites, and cannot be generated by machines.  Links must be built in a natural way, not involving blog networks or exchanges of links.  Strategic analysis of rankings and structure must be done by an expert, because one change causes many things to happen.
6.  Always look for companies that use a “long term” SEO strategy.  Doing something one time to “fix” a website will not produce rankings results.
Use these questions as a guide to choosing an SEO company, and utilize common sense.  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
Raymond Santopietro is the lead strategist and President of Focus Internet Services, which provides SEO services to businesses in the Las Vegas area and nation-wide.

Why you should Buy PBN Links for your business

Hello readers. My name is Adrian and i’m a full time SEO Specialist. If you have problems with your website ranking you should take a seat, drink a coffee and read me carefully. Many webmasters have problems with website ranking in the last year because of to many search engines algorithms changes. The black sheep is Google.

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Best strategy to build links in 2015

Your link building strategy this year should focus on building links that not send flags to Google. I mean when you start a website you should focus on a brand domain and not on a emd (exact match domain) anchor anymore. As example if our website last 2-3 years may be “” and targeted keyword ” buy pbn links” now you should buy “” and build links to brand “pbnrank” , “”, “”, “”, and “”. Before that you should concentrate on “On Page SEO” and now let me explain how to do that to rank your website without rise a flag on Google algorithm. If your website has a keyword in title, description and also in posts you website will rank by itself for those keywords when you build links to brand and the variations that i already written above. The last algorithm from Google will reward your website with a nice and long time rank if you avoid building links with targeted keyword. Because Google knows one thing and this is: when your readers will share your content they will not share with anchor text, but with your naked url. So there is the trick. An white hat link building campaign will push your website in the top of search engines like Google, Bing and even Yahoo without getting penalized by bots.

Best method to rank fresh and old websites in just 2 weeks – PBN Backlinks

PBN Network is a blog network that is build from expired domains – com., net., org., with high quality backlinks from trusted sources. Some idiots sell links from Tumblr, Weebly and WordPress and pretend to be PBN Links. Open your eyes and don’t trust this scamers. A PBN Network is a Private Blog Network where the links and permanent and not deleted after one week or less. And i’m preety sure that this idiots don’t own Tumblr or other websites like that 😉 . Best way to build a network these days is to find old and expired domains that have good links from big websites. I will not give example with brands because you already know. A big mistake made by webmasters is that they look at metrics like DA, PR, TF, CF, and PA. Big troubles for those who look at this idiot metrics. You can fake this with automated tools, or for $5 on Fiverr you can build 100k links to any website and give them a DA over 30-60, TF, CF and also PA. The big surprise come after you create links on those domains. Your website will go down as soon after this links will get indexed. You know the answer, because you got a link from a spam website. The best method to create high quality PBN is to check manually every domain that you buy and look at backlinks that this domain have. I saw websites with DA 10 and PR 0 that rank articles in first 2 pages in Google in 1 minutes without any link. That because this domain have backlinks from super quality sources. So a PBN domain should have few links but from super trusted websites and no chinese anchor or other things like that. A good PBN domain can be bought for about 50-100 dollars. This is expensive but worth the investment.

Deciphering a proper SEO Analysis

A search engine optimization analysis is a tool that web developers can use to track how well their sites are showing up on the most popular search engines. There are several types of analysis software and services available that will give a good reading of your website’sreal optimization level. Ideally, a business website will be ranked near the top of search engine results, which will drive more traffic to the site.

The Data Being Analyzed

There are certain elements of your website that a search engine optimization analysis is most interested in. Search engines have specific standards that a site has to meet in order to prove that it is not a spam site and contains information that is truly relevant to the search term. The analysis will check your site for keyword density, meta tags, reciprocal links, and other relevant data that it looks for. When you use this type of optimization analysis, it is like asking the search engine to check your site and tell you what it thinks.

The Purpose of the Analysis

The analysis does not tell you if your site is attractive or fun, it tells you whether or not a search engine can find relevant information on your website. A good analysis will take you behind the scenes of your site and into the nuts and bolts of content organization. Once you understand how they view your site, you can begin to modify it so that it ranks better in the keyword searches. Once your analysis is complete, you will have the information you need to begin marketing your site more effectively.

Indications to be Most Aware of

There are parts of the analysis that are more important than other parts. If the analysis returns a result that includes broken links or improperly formatted code, you should fix those right away. If your site is relatively sound, the most important results for you to consider are the keyword hits. A good analysis tool will let you know if a keyword is repeated too often in your content, which can make a search engine disregard your site as spam. The analysis also lets you know if keywords are not mentioned often enough to be effective. The use of keywords can be the most inexpensive and effective way to improve your site’s rankings.

How to Put the Analysis to Work for You

Once you have the report from the analysis software, you have a virtual laundry list of improvements and changes that can be made to improve your search rankings. The analysis will tell you exactly what your site’s problems are, which gives you an idea of where to begin working to improve the site. Most analysis software doesn’t actually tell you what you need to do to improve your rankings, but it tells you where you rank and provides some suggestions of why your ranking is what it is. Once the problem is identified, you can address it properly.

How To Manage Your SEO Strategy In The Face Of Increasing Costs

If you outsource your SEO strategy you will have noticed that over the past several years SEO services have been raising their rates on a regular basis. Even if you manage all of your SEO in-house, you may have noticed an increase in costs. The question of how to handle the increasing expenses tied to SEO is something every business is dealing with. The question isn’t only how to manage costs, but identifying why the process has ecome more expensive in the first place.

There Is More Competition

The easy answer is competition. The more websites you are competing against in your market niche necessarily means more resources invested to stay ahead. Plus if your competitors are willing to invest more heavily in SEO, you will fall behind. As a result, you will have to invest even more to catch up and overtake them in the rankings.

More Keywords Have Become Unique

Another issue which is driving up SEO costs is how keywords are treated. With better geo-targeting and personalization algorithms being implemented by search engines, every keyword is now unique. There are generic, localized, e-commerce, and other keywords, all of which must be optimized differently in order to run a successful SEO campaign. Plus, some big-money keywords no longer display the top 10 results because the page is filled with product images and PPC ads. This means your site must rank in the top 6-8 in order to be guaranteed a spot on Page 1.

Most SEO Strategies Are Reactive

Another reason why SEO keeps getting more expensive is because the overall strategy is reactive. Anytime there is a major change to the search engine’s algorithm, SEO campaigns must alter their methods in order to maintain their rankings or recover from any drops. Unfortunately, making wholesale changes to SEO is a resource intensive process.

One way to save money on SEO is by developing a proactive SEO strategy. These campaigns are based on upcoming changes rather than current best practices. Very few Google algorithm updates are completely without warning. The key is to identify what changes are coming and set yourself up for them before they occur. Another thing to keep in mind is sometimes it is less expensive to start over from scratch than trying to overcome a major penalty.

The Most Effective SEO Practices Are Inherently Difficult to Scale

No matter how basic or complex your SEO strategy may be, there are few SEO practices which are easy to scale. While scalability is always possible, that doesn’t make it inexpensive. When stretching a small SEO budget, it is easy to value short-term gain via automation over long term penalties. The more an SEO process is scaled, the more likely it will leave a noticeable footprint. If a footprint is established and then identified by Google, any site with the same footprint will get hit. This is problematic for those who use the exact same SEO process across multiple websites.

Tracking and Evaluating Performance is Harder than Ever

The final large expense SEO creates is tracking and analyzing data. It is no secret that search engines hold back performance related data to some extent. If they didn’t, then everyone would know exactly what they needed to do in order to game the system. To complicate matters, the algorithms are nearly impossible to figure out completely. This makes it difficult to attribute a change your ranking to a specific SEO action.

SEO is an incredibly valuable tool for traffic generation. The SEO game has been designed by the search engines and the rules are constantly being changed. There is little chance that SEO will become less expensive in the future. The key is to maximize ROI and dedicate more resources as needed.Article Source:  Hurley is the owner of and writes about all aspects of Internet marketing. Click the link to find out more aboiut how a basic SEO strategy can improve your site ranking.

The Importance of SEO For Growing Businesses

Now you have a new web site for your business, Now What? How will customers find you? The most common search engine optimization practices are:
Increased Traffic
Since SEO helps you to rank high in the search results, you attract more people to your website. When is the last time you clicked to the third page of the search results? The same thing applies to many people.
Since you will be on the first or second page of search results, many people will visit your website. Too increase click through rate, you should include optimized title tags and meta descriptions.
The sleek thing about the traffic; that you get traffic from many people who are actively seeking your products or services that you are selling or marketing.
Cost Effective
SEO is an inbound method of marketing which makes it very cost-effective as you only need to spend just a generous amount of money to generate more leads. For example, research studies had shown that when you use SEO in your marketing you spend 62% less than someone who used another form of marketing. Since the traffic that you get is more qualified, you end up spending less.
Easy To Track
Who doesn’t want something that he/she can easily track? SEO is easy to track with the right SEO internet marketing company services. Only the best social media marketing firms provide many detailed reports and keyword tracking tools for an all in one service. You can use an analytic tool from Google, which you can easily find online for free.
If you have an e-commerce site, you will easily see the paths that your users are taking to complete a sale. You are also able to see the keywords that the users are using to get to your site. Having this knowledge helps you to tweak your website and the content in it to attract as many people as possible.
Increased Usability
In addition to making it easy for search engines to find your site, SEO also increases the usability of your site. Since SEO helps you to make your site easy to navigate by rearranging the site’s architecture, your users/customers can navigate easily on your site without any problems. Your users are also able easily to find the content that they are looking for on your site.
Also one of the most important is Social Media Optimization. That is another article because of all the information to learn.
These are some of the many benefits that you will enjoy when you optimize your new website with a professional SEO social media marketing firm. While you can optimize the site by yourself, it’s wise that you seek the help of a professional SEO internet marketing or Social Media marketing company.

How SEO Kills Your Website Conversion Rate? – Search Engines – SE Optimization

Without traffic, a website can’t generate any sales or conversions which is why site owners invest in services like SEO, or search engine optimization. But what happens when a site is getting loads of traffic, but not converting? Well, if you have invested heavily in SEO without making sure the content is optimized for conversions, then this is exactly the situation you are facing. Specifically, here are three ways that your SEO can be killing your conversion rates and dragging down your ROI:
Confusing Site Navigation
Intra-linking between pages of your content is supposed to help visitors find related information as they review your site. However, intra-linking also impacts SEO rankings but many companies take this practice too far. In short, the SEO experts place far too many links throughout your content which distracts prospects and fails to properly funnel them to your primary conversion pages. So on the one hand, this practice helps drive traffic but when implemented poorly and to excess, it actually scatters visitors away from your sales funnel. Pages should have no more than 2 intra-links built-into the content and they should only direct prospects to pages whose content matches the anchor text term used.
Orphaning Visitors on Non-Converting Pages with No Transitions or CTA’s
The idea behind your core onsite SEO content is to serve as funnels that bring visitors into your website as you provide content that matches their search queries. So what happens when the prospect gets done reading your great article or blog entry? Well, if there is no call-to-action or a direct transition towards your sales funnel, nothing.
Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to turn high-quality SEO content into direct response sales tools and ruin your credibility. However, this does not mean that you can’t softly, but assertively, transition them towards your sales funnel. So as a good rule of thumb, try to keep a CTA at the bottom of your core SEO content to give prospects a place to go when they are done reading/viewing.
Your Direct Response Copywriting is Weak and Lacks Proper Sales Tools and Structure
Sometimes, websites become so accustomed to creating content in a structure and manner that optimizes it for search engines that they forget that their sales tools need a very different format. In fact, many of the typical rules of SEO need to be thrown out and ignored when creating sales-oriented content. Otherwise, the content won’t prompt action and your conversion rate will tank.
So bottom line: If the SEO strategy isn’t designed with conversions in mind, then you’ll generate a lot of traffic but very few actual sales or qualified leads. But, on a practical level, you might be wondering: Well, how do I know if these issues are indeed harming my conversions?
It’s a great question and if you have Goals configured on Google Analytics properly, you can quickly answer it yourself! Here’s how:
Go to Acquisition
Click on Channels
If your goals are configured, you should be able to look at the chart and quickly see the conversion rate for each main traffic channel. So if your SEO traffic is converting poorly compared to other main traffic channels, then you most likely have an “orphaning” problem. Now if all the conversion rates are relatively low, then your navigation and intra-linking may be causing the problems.
Concluding Thoughts
Every single thing you do on your website has to be done with conversion ultimately in mind, including your SEO. But when SEO experts prioritize traffic at all costs, it is usually done so with conversions being the casualty. Fortunately, all of the issues above can be fixed fairly quickly and with minimal loss of time or resources. So if you are generating loads of traffic but few sales, it may well be your SEO strategies backfiring and you’ll need to make some adjustments to get both the traffic and the conversions.

Why Should You Hire SEO Services Canada

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy designed to boost your website’s ranking by search engines. For instance, if you are in the bicycle retail business, a Google search of relevant keywords such as ‘buying bicycles,’ should pull up your website among the top ten results, if not the top three. SEO is gaining importance as a key internet marketing strategy of any business, since many buyers are turning to the internet to research and select vendors for the products and services they are looking for.  SEO is a professional service offered by many firms. You can choose to engage an SEO optimization company for a fee or do the optimization yourself, which may be time consuming and not effective.  SEO strategies include identifying keywords and keyword phrases for  optimization focus, using meta tags and html tags using the keywords to be optimized, making your website content keyword-rich and so on. SEO services provided by companies typically include all the above techniques and others such as SEO training, consulting, design evaluation and site.  The other crucial component of SEO is ‘off-page optimization’ that is a link building strategy. This helps to improve the popularity of your website’s link. It also assures that the website gets qualified links. Submitting your site to the popular search engines for link sharing will automatically improve its ranking.  Several firms charge a one-time fee plus a periodic service fee for monitoring and maintaining the ranking position. The contract for the one-time fee could include guarantees of rankings although pinpointing the ranking that will be achieved may be difficult.  SEO strategies should not only consider popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo! but also specialty search engines that may be relevant to your business.  Users should be aware of tricks that can potentially improve your site ranking but these tricks may not be approved by the search engines. For instance, Google has come out with clear webmaster guidelines that should be adhered to by SEO companies.  Despite employing the best SEO companies, many firms find that increased traffic does not necessarily translate into more sales. This is because your business may be local and your clients and customers may be limited to a particular geographic location.  If your business is located in Canada it is likely that most of your customers will be local. Optimization strategies are therefore not just techniques but require a deep understanding of the nature of local markets. The traffic generated by the search engines should not be general and global but local and specific.  Top SEO companies pay sufficient attention to their client’s business so they have a clear ideal of the type of traffic to promote. Their content strategies often include useful inputs on how to build customer trust and convert traffic to sales calls. For instance, an SEO firm in Canada would be aware of the demographic profile of key cities of the country such as Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and also cultural preferences of the markets.

Seo tips to know from your seo expert – Online Business Articles

All businesses with a website have to use the search engine optimization (SEO) to increase online visibility and improve operations. SEO is a method used by SEO experts or SEO consultants to devise ways to enhance the look of your site in search results to users. This means, of course, directing some traffic to your site, and therefore your business.

Although a strong SEO may require complex reconstruction of the site to a SEO expert or SEO work, there are some simple steps that you can improve your site search engine rating.

For starters, what SEO techniques you could use, it is important that you monitor your league looking to see where you are and how your site is. Check your page rank with one of many tools available online today. It is also important to check your referrer log regularly to see where your visitors come from, and above all the keywords they use to find your site.

The key words are perhaps the most important tool for search engine optimization. It is essential that you put the right keywords in the URL, title, content and image name. Keywords are search terms people use to get to your website. SEO experts recommend that the title tag and page header are the two most important keywords, however, do not put the ridiculous number of keywords in your site. Place the filling excessive keywords in the website or a keyword that is marked as a spammer. Search engine robots are programmed to independent sites that use the technique of keyword stuffing.

The use of internal links on your site also has a great SEO technique, according to some SEO experts. You should also have a link to the archives often when the production of fresh content. Again, be careful not to go too far, because of the excessive pooling can be very annoying to visitors. Adding a site map or a page listing all the other pages and link the main site is also easier for the spiders to spy on the site. A URL to more search engine friendly name will certainly help. Use appropriate keywords in the URL yourself, so that the site has chosen a search engine faster.

Remember, the goal is to attract the most visitors to your site. Flash from the website may look adorable, but it is far from the site. SEO experts recommend that Flash and AJAX sparingly site. The spiders can only use text and images must be a lot of descriptive text for each image. Use fresh content, update regularly, if you want to maximize your website traffic. One way to ensure that your site receives new content often takes place through the integration of the blog. Blogs are a great way to reach people and create better business opportunities. In addition, experts SEO social media distribution or distribution of links to fresh content to your site through social networking platforms and develop relationships with other sites in order to make a better SEO.

No follow link ,SEO expert

Some blogger use the in blog no follow link and do follow link users does not understand means properly but it is very essential to understand for every seo expert, some seo are thing no follow link is better than do follow but I think both are equal use for build link purpose. If popular sites are respectable and filled with valuable traffic and rank high, your website, seo look a search engine point of view, inbound and out bound link are more important and respectable and thus you get some link to top page rank which is effect the other website by the engine. No follow link is solve the problem that if your own site isn’t top high page rank on traffic and another popular site linked to yours, that popular site might get hurt by decrease some page rank points since its linking to your low traffic website, this is why a lot of blogger do not like following links that are being put on their sites through.

With this we stop crawling the site for search engines from following those links, with this type of add the HTML Code rel=”no follow” on those related link. This code provides, it knows it have to stop and not follow the link to that site you goes to related site gets anything.  all this technique we increase the do follow link, some seo and webmasters that are use this code enough for visibility to not put this code in their pages in order to help their readers and also that this is the way where they get more people to comment and interact on their related blog and even though their blog or websites page rank, they are willing to sacrifice this so that their users can benefit from their ranks. This is the way rel=”no follow” is automatically inserted within the Word Press coding. The important thing is there easy way to identify pages in which have rel=”no follow” and pages they don’t this no follow link because normally you would have to check the webmasters codes in  to know whether this page is using rel=”no follow” or not going to another location.

Like you have good knowledge and experience in optimization technique, so you know about No follow and do follow links for back links. This is very important part for SEO expert which must be well understood. Build a back links to your site is very basic term for search engine optimization. You build high quality traffic links back to your website. And the link has no follow option, so link is useless. For example you find your link on other top ranked site; With the use of Firefox browser make it easy to know whether it is no follow link or do follow link by the use of NoDoFollow Firefox Plug-in. it is an SEO optimization tool that enable you to optimize your link for on-page and off page optimization technique Links that are no follow are displayed in red. When you browse a page, the link is assumed to appear in blue. If you installed that Plug-in and enabled it, all links will appear in blue only if they are do follow link.

How to get the eligible Seo Company in California? – Web Design and Hosting Articles

SEO writing services are now in demand as they considerably help in improving site’s ranking thus improving potential for revenue generation. With SEO techniques, many sites are now using SEO web content to attract more traffic. Since SEO is a proven way to improve a site’s visibility, more and more site owners are now interested in accessing SEO services. However, before selecting an SEO service provider it is important to know some important points that are involved in SEO writing services. First of all, SEO is a relatively new domain and is still evolving. New techniques and latest methods are being regularly incorporated in SEO writing so as to suit the changing trends of the keywords based searches that are being made. SEO also incorporates many different methodologies that suit specific needs of the customers. It is important that an SEO company has due expertise in implementing these methodologies. It is also important that SEO service provider is able to select an appropriate SEO model before applying on the content. This requires sufficient experience in implementing different types of SEO projects. SEO Company California includes many SEO companies that are providing good services in the state of California. They are providing quality SEO services in different domains of writing like web content, blog writing, press releases, and many others.

One of the main characteristics of a good SEO company is that it will well appreciate the fact that no two customers have the same set of requirements and it is very important to understand the specific needs that a client may be having. It is only when the needs and the requirement of the customers are understood can the SEO techniques be applied properly. Another important thing is that an SEO service provider has team of experts that have experience in different styles of writing and have implemented projects related to different business domains. This is essential because a proper understanding of customer’s business model enables an SEO team to clearly understand what is being required. It is also important that the SEO team is able to set a proper co-ordination with the client. The client’s requirement may change over a period of time and constant coordination helps to understand the nature of evolving requirements so that they could be incorporated accordingly.

SEO Company California includes <A HREF=” TARGET=”_blank”> which is one of the leading companies that is providing top quality SEO services to clients in different domains of writing. The company has a team of experts who have experience in implementing SEO projects in different business domain. Having worked with different clients, the company has developed a working methodology based on the best industry practices through which it delivers quality SEO services within deadline. It also has experience in providing customized services based on different SEO methodologies. Company has a good team that has deep understanding of SEO basics and advance techniques. Along with being well versed with the changing trends of SEO, one of the team’s USP is excellent co-ordination with the clients at all levels so as to understand their specific requirements and serve their specific needs.